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I think it’s time I grow up, since I am getting married

I think it’s time I grow up, since I am getting married
I think it’s time I grow up, since I am getting married

After the most recent financial crisis, I was approached by a young couple. They were about to get married and wanted to get their finances in order. They had never discussed their personal finances with one another, but felt it was a crucial step in their relationship to develop a comprehensive plan that worked for both of them.

It has been my experience that every couple has differences in how they want to manage their money. i.e. differences in risk, where to retire, how they want to invest, what they want to do with their money, etc.

It wasn’t a surprise when I met the couple that they started to realize how different their financial situations were, and how they viewed their overall goals. The husband short-sold his home, while the wife was under-water on her current home. Moreover, they both had minimal savings towards their current retirement.

I considered this an opportunity for both parties to start over on the road to financial success. With a bit of careful discussion, we were able to identify a plan where both parties felt comfortable. The design was specifically to get them started on a process that helped them grow back their wealth and strive for the same financial goals.

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