Case Studies

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I think it’s time I grow up, since I am getting married

After the most recent financial crisis, I was approached by a young couple. They were about to get married and wanted to get their finances in order. They had never discussed their personal finances with one another, but felt it was a crucial step in their relationship to develop a comprehensive plan that worked for […]Read More

What should I do with my money?

I have an eclectic group of clients. Some of which have done well through traditional means. Others that have some not so fortunate beginnings. Although, I find great pleasure in helping all my clients, I find it extremely satisfying in helping the ones that were less fortunate and moved on to be successful. One of […]Read More

Is it possible for me to retire?

Intel was going through a restructuring, which forced some employees to re-evaluate their current financial situation. One of the employees reached out to me to discuss her financial She had gone through a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy, and had previous issues that placed her in a less than ideal situation with her finances. She anticipated the […]Read More

Tackling a Tricky Financial Situation

There was a couple that had some concerns about the financial impact if the other passed. The wife, a retired nurse, had personal experience with the financial impact of a family and patient passing. The couple agreed they needed to make sure they had ample life insurance coverage if this impact ever became a reality. […]Read More

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