Case Studies

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I think it’s time I grow up, since I am getting married

After the most recent financial crisis, I was approached by a young couple. They were about to get married and wanted to get their finances in order. They had never discussed their personal finances with one another, but felt... Read More

What should I do with my money?

I have an eclectic group of clients. Some of which have done well through traditional means. Others that have some not so fortunate beginnings. Although, I find great pleasure in helping all my clients, I find it extremely satisfying... Read More

Is it possible for me to retire?

Intel was going through a restructuring, which forced some employees to re-evaluate their current financial situation. One of the employees reached out to me to discuss her financial She had gone through a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy, and had previous... Read More

Tackling a Tricky Financial Situation

There was a couple that had some concerns about the financial impact if the other passed. The wife, a retired nurse, had personal experience with the financial impact of a family and patient passing. The couple agreed they needed... Read More

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