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The moment we define ourselves and values by the size of our bank accounts is when we start to describe ourselves by the shadows that walk behind us. All too often we work all our lives in hopes to one day live our dreams, only to realize that we spent most of our lives not knowing what our dreams are.

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Our Why

Understanding it.
Committing to it.
And living it.

When I was 6, I asked my grandmother, "Why can't everyone be happy in life". She politely told me that it is because not everyone knows what makes them happy. Our focus should be into the endeavors of the heart.

We want to understand your, "why", before developing a comprehensive financial strategy that meets your particular needs.



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    financial STRATEGIES

    "Happiness doesn't result from what we get, but from what we give". - Ben Carson

    Your financial plans should be designed and benchmarked to what you envision as your ultimate life wishes. If it's retirement, then let us help you create the vision of what that looks like in your later years. If it's your children's success, then there needs to be an educational process. And if it's trying to leave a mark in life, then let us help you shape it. Regardless, your financial plan isn't about creating wealth. It is about making your wealth meaningful.

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    Lifelong Wealth Management provides financial planning and investment advisory services nationwide from their independent headquarters in Portland, Oregon. Wealth management portland oregon plays an important role in creating an efficient use of your finances. Our wealth management company portland oregon will help with your wealth management portland oregon needs. For your wealth management portland oregon needs, please request a free consultation.

    frequently asked questions

    Difference between Wealth Managers and Financial Advisors?

    “If you are a hammer, everything is a nail”

    Lifelong Wealth Management is a registered investment advisory and wealth management firm based out of the Portland, Oregon.

    You may be wondering what exactly is a wealth manager, and what makes them different from the more common term you probably hear, “financial advisor”.

    Often times, individuals and couples typically use the terms wealth managers, wealth management, financial management, and financial advisors interchangeably. However, there are subtle differences between all groups.

    Typical financial advisors/brokers focus more on commission-based products and services. Wealth managers takes your overall long/intermediate/short term financial goals, and deliver a comprehensive financial strategy. Wealth management is a profession that combines knowledge, skills, experience, and TRUST.

    Being wealth management company in Portland, Oregon, we believe that it is important for individuals to understand the key differences in picking a financial advisor or wealth manager in Portland, Oregon.

    Please do not hesitate to reach out to us, and come into our Portland, Oregon office for a complimentary financial review. Whether you are seeking a financial advisor or a wealth manager, Lifelong Wealth Management is here to help make that process a lot easier.

    What makes Lifelong Wealth Management different from other financial companies?

    Our company is different because we seek to understand your “why.” In other words, we want to understand what exactly it is you want to achieve in life and make it possible. We strive to make our client to wealth manager relationships as vibrant, trustworthy, and have them last a lifetime.

    How can I get my company involved with your services?

    Speak with your employer or HR group. Ask them if they would be interested in a free presentation to discuss opportunities that might help further employee satisfaction. More importantly, to find how they can maximize returns and minimize expenses on their current 401(k) plan.

    How do I become a client?

    Reach out to us here. A mutual respect and understanding between an advisor and client has to be established.

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