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“If you are a hammer, then everything is a nail”

Have you ever thought about trying to look fit for the summer? Did you ever walk into the gym, and decide that you are only working on your arms for the next 90 days. It probably didn’t work, right?

financial advisor rosevilleSimilar to your finances, any one financial focus would never get you to your goals. While other financial advisor Roseville CA, focus on one part of your finances,  our financial planner Roseville CA focus on creating a holistic view of your overall finances.

By developing a comprehensive wealth and investment management strategy, our financial advisor Roseville CA can help you meet your goal(s).

If you are looking for a Financial advisor Roseville CA , it may make sense to review a few items with them.

  1. Is your financial advisor a fiduciary? Some financial planner Roseville ca do not have a fiduciary responsibility to their client, which alleviates some potential liability for the financial advisor Roseville ca.
  2. How does your financial advisor get paid? As we said before, not all financial planner Roseville ca are made the same. Some offer fee based. Others operate on a hybrid model. Other work on commission. It is probably prudent to ask what sort of financial advisor Roseville ca are they.
  3. What are the costs associated with your financial advisor? Some financial planner Roseville Ca may charge a 1% fee.  While other financial advisor Roseville CA may charge an hourly rate. It is important to review your financial planner overall cost to know what you are getting.
  4. What sort of qualifications do your financial advisor Roseville CA have? Some of the financial planner Roseville CA have just their Series 6, 7. Some other financial advisor in Roseville may be a CFP. It is possible to find out their designation via the FORM ADV, or by looking them up on Brokercheck.
  5. What institution does the financial advisor Roseville ca use for their custodian? Some custodians charge higher fees that get redirected back to the client(s). .So, it is important to ask the financial planner Roseville CA which custodian they use, and how long have they worked with them. Some financial advisors may not have a credible custodian group which may/may not be an issue for the future.
  6. Ask how the financial advisor will handle your asset allocation? Some financial planner Roseville CA utilize certain benchmarks as their primary use of allocation.. Although, it is important to be sure that the financial advisor understand what your overall tolerance is to be sure to build the write allocation.
  7. Does the financial advisor work with a CPA or tax consultant? Its important to have a financial planner Roseville CA that looks at all aspects of your finances. If not done properly, your financial advisor could create a very large tax bill at the end of year.

Feel free to reach out to us if you have any question(s).

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