529 College Savings Plan Oregon

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529 college savings plan oregon
Picture the moment when your child walks up to receive their college diploma. That one piece of paper represents more than the degree itself. It represents the many hours of them slaving away at their campus library to prepare for exams. It represents all of the years that you worked to save, shape, and prepare them for this moment.

Our goals as parents is to set our children up for success. All too often we are focused on giving our children the best education. Yet, we forget that there are other stepping stones to help them achieve long term financial success. It all starts with the basics like opting for college savings planning services in Lake Oswego, USA.

A comprehensive estate plan covers a plethora of financial segments that helps transfer of property at death, personal matters, and tax consequences. Moreover, there are a variety of instruments like the 529 college savings plan oregon, UGMA/UTMA, or ABLE accounts that can be established for your children.

529 college savings plan oregon
Of course, every individual has a different view of how they would like to handle their estate. Some estate planning tools that we utilize include:

Educate your children on finances

Spend a little time with your children about the basics of saving and budgeting. It is never too early to learn about the benefits of deferred gratification.

Work Ethic

My children know my philosophy when it comes to work and play. “Work first, play later”. Showing your children the satisfaction of a hard day of work would work wonders for them in the future.

Start Saving

Put a little bit of money away into a College Savings vehicle. Regardless of what you do, the laws of compound interest work to the benefit of those who start saving early. Here are just a few options: 529 Plans, UGMA/UTMA, Coverdell Savings Account, GET program.


Find your son/daughters inner passion. If your child is into building things with his/her Legos, then find a class or task that feeds his curiosity and love.

Our team values and supports the importance of college education and so we offer college savings planning services in Oregon, United States, to help parents. However, we view this endeavor as more than financing education. We view this as helping educate and grow successful generations. If you have any question(s) in regards to the 529 college savings plan oregon, please do not hesitate to reach out.

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