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When the Why is clear, then the How is easy. - Anonymous

When I was 6 years old, I asked my grandmother, “Why can’t everyone be happy in life?”. She politely told me it is because not everyone knows what makes them happy.

Our focus is helping you find your happy. Your financial plans should be designed and benchmarked for what you envision as your ultimate life wish. Whether it is retirement, a dream home, financial independence, or planning for your children’s future, we can help you create your financial version of happy. Even if your ultimate goal is to leave a mark in life, we can help you shape it.

Your financial plan isn’t about creating wealth. It is about making your wealth meaningful.


About Lifelong Wealth Management

Jason Gong founded Lifelong Wealth Management with a clear purpose: to help individuals and families understand their goals and pursue them with confidence. He believes that true wealth goes beyond bank account balances and is deeply rooted in personal fulfillment.


Your Goals, Our Priority

Understanding the “Why”

Gong emphasizes the importance of discovering one’s fundamental motivations, or “Why,” which goes beyond mere financial goals. He believes that understanding this core drive is essential for crafting a meaningful financial plan.


A Holistic Approach

Gong developed the WISDOM approach, which stands for Why, Investment, Save, Diversify, Open Architecture, and Manage. This comprehensive strategy takes into account a person’s values, investment goals, and timeline. It encompasses various aspects of financial planning, from saving and diversifying to managing risk.

Tailored Solutions For Every Investor


Your Goals, Our Priority

Human-Centered Financial Planning

Gong believes that successful financial planning requires both technical expertise and human empathy. Lifelong Wealth Management prioritizes the human factor in financial strategy, tailoring plans to each individual’s unique circumstances and aspirations.


Key Components of Financial Success

Gong identifies three essential components for financial success: Process, Platform, and People. A structured process ensures consistent outcomes, while an open platform allows for diverse investment opportunities. Partnering with experts in various fields ensures comprehensive and effective financial planning.

Tailored Solutions For Every Investor


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About Our Financial Planners

As financial planning experts in Portland Oregon, we offer a unique approach to develop a comprehensive financial plan that fits your unique situation.

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