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A man with money meets a man of knowledge. The man with money walks away with knowledge. The man with knowledge walks away with money. - Anonymous

Jason Gong, CFP®

Financial Professional

Jason Gong began his career in investment management and marketing in the early 1990’s holding positions at both Bank of America and Wells Fargo. An enthusiastic and driven professional, Jason’s passion resides in creating lifelong relationships with his clients.

During the 2008 economic downfall, Jason decided to create a holistic financial platform that extends beyond specific industry silos. He believes in order to stave off significant downturns, there must be an understanding of the client’s overall portfolio mix, supported by a client’s overall wants. Thus, he created Lifelong Wealth Management Group.

In his spare time, he enjoys rough housing with his boys, going on romantic dates with his wife, golfing, and fishing with his clients.

Jason chairs the NW Spine Foundation. He is also an officer of the Portland Business Network.

Jason Gong - LifeLong Wealth Management
(NMLS# 302914)(CA license number: 0G80574)(CRD# 2684816)

Morgan Savanna - Lifelong wealth management

Morgan Savanna

Administrative Assistant


Climbing the ranks of the healthcare industry, Morgan began to discover an interest in the financial world. Starting from humble beginnings, Morgan learned the value of money management at an early age. She believes in trying to help her peers understand the relationship of money to patience and hard work.

Morgan enjoys taking her puppy out for long hikes. She has a passion for cooking and dancing.

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