Investment Fundamentals

Investment Fundamentals

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Transform your basic investing skills into confidence when you attend our educational workshop. Join presenter Jason Gong of Lifelong Wealth Management Group for this FREE seminar.


We will focus on:

  • Tips that could give you an edge amongst the average investor
  • Developing a financial strategy that works for you
  • Strategies that could help you financially engineer your money to work smarter and harder for you
  • Learn how to limit some of your investment exposure to risk
  • How to help your money accumulate with tax-advantaged accounts

… And more!


Attendees will also receive a workbook that will be an aid to assessing your current situation and making sound investment decisions for your future. At the end of the hour long presentation, you will also be able to schedule a complimentary consultation.


Wine and hors d’oeuvre will be provided.


**Seating is limited.**

Make Better Financial Decisions.

Lifelong Wealth Management provides financial planning and investment advisory services nationwide from their independent headquarters in Portland, Oregon.