Estate Planning

 Annual Estate Review

Here are some things to consider when you need to conduct an annual review of your estate plan.


Review/Update Beneficiaries, Trustees, etc.

  • Review current beneficiary list.
  • Review current trustee and guardians
  • Add/update your financial assets. For example, Insurance, retirement accounts, bank accounts, investment accounts, etc.

Update Financial Information

  • Gather copies of your life, health, car, and home insurance policy documents
  • Update your list of financial accounts (e.g., bank accounts, credit cards, mortgages, loans)

Charitable Giving

  • Consider using RMD to minimize tax liabilities.
  • Consider options for charitable giving.
  • Review and update charities and bequests   

Titles and Property Deeds

  • Gather the titles and deeds for physical assets (Real Estate, Vehicles, etc.)
  • If you’ve established a trust, retitle your property so the trust is the owner.    


Review Estate Plan with Financial Professional

  • Schedule an appointment with financial professional
  • Consider the following group of professionals to speak with. CPAs, CFPs, and Estate Attorney    

Update Digital Logins and Passwords

  • Consider naming a digital executor in your will.
  • Created a list of all your digital assets:
  • Bank & financial accounts.
  • Social media & email accounts    

Update Proof of Identity Documents

  • Social security card
  • Birth, marriage, and divorce certificates.
  • Prenuptial agreements  

Review Annual IRS Gift Limit

  • Consider gifting beneficiaries the annual gift limit to mitigate any potential future estate tax liability.
  • Annual gift tax limit per recipient- Make sure to be within yearly limit.
  • Any gifts above limit must be reported to IRS on yearly tax return.

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