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Welcome to LifeLong College Savings's first quarterly e-Newsletter. I want to finish off the year by thanking my clients for their support and friendship throughout 2010. I have had an incredible year sharing the trials and tribulations of life with each and every one of you. Moreover, I want to extend my appreciation for the trust you have given me to handle your financial needs. Please enjoy the first eNewsletter, and have a safe and happy holiday season!

Silver and Gold

During the holiday season, you cannot help but sneak a peek at the old Christmas classics. One of my all time favorites is Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer. I cannot help but picture Yukon Cornelius licking his pick ax to taste for the hot commodity, silver and gold. Imagine if I bought that back in the days. Where would I be today?

Here is a quick recap for 2010:

Gold is up 26.9% - YTD
Silver is up 70.6% - YTD
Copper is up 23.6% - YTD

Unfortunately, several things are affecting these hot commodities today. I believe a book would be off-putting to my readers. Therefore, I will pick one major issue that leads me to believe these precious metals may see a little more growth—the persistent debt issues our country is facing. We offer top commodities investments services in Oregon, United States and if you wish to know more how we can help with these hot commodities, contact us.

According to a recent article by Jordan Roy-Byrne, “The government paid $414 billion in interest expenses, which equates to 17% of tax revenue. When you account for $14 trillion in total debt, that works out to be 2.96% in interest. In fiscal year 2007, total debt was $8.95 trillion, but the interest expense was $430 billion and 17% of revenue. That accounts for an interest rate of 4.80%.”

These last few weeks, long-term bonds have dropped, thus creating a huge rise in interest rates. If this continues, then there will be a huge push on the government to act in accordance to its current bleed in deficit. Ostensibly, the government could do several things.

  • Increase taxes to keep up with the high interest rates to pay off the interest expense;
  • Collaborate with the Feds to debase the dollar a bit more to keep the interest rates lower;
  • Incur more debt

It seems any of these options would only push for inflation. That can only lead to higher precious metals values. Understanding the scenario we offer top commodities investments services in Lake Oswego, USA, to help our clients.

For those who want to hear a bit more on precious metals, I am going to host an informational breakfast in early 2011. I will provide details on the current market trends around this sector and how to create a sub-strategy to account for the potential obstacles that we may face in 2011. To RSVP, please call Kimberly Deegan at (503) 747-6534. Please note I am limiting the attendance to 15 people, so please reserve your spot immediately if you are interested in attending.

Lou’s Corner - Words of Inspiration

Friend. Mentor. Leader. Lou Radja. I’ve been fortunate to lean on Lou over the last year, which was difficult for most of us. His words of wisdom and gentle reminders are worth sharing. Enjoy!

Develop a "recession proof" attitude

Let's start with Gratitude: Remember half of the world's people live on less then $2 a day! I'm using the law of contrast to remind us to keep things in perspective and be grateful for what we have. What we don't have should not blind us of what we DO have. Remember this quote: "I had no shoes and complained, until I met a man who had no feet." Gratitude is paramount, especially in these difficult times; one of the great ways to get more is to be thankful for what you already got!

We are in this together; let's take collective responsibility: There is no "us" and "them"; whether directly or indirectly, consciously or unconsciously, we've all played a role in the situation we find ourselves in. And so shall it be for getting ourselves out of it, we are to do it together! No time to play the blame game. It was Dr. Robert Anthony who once said; ”When you blame others, you give up your power to change."

Change is an OPPORTUNITY! Yes, it is true that only babies in wet diapers are the happiest about "change"; but for most of us, change has a way of paralyzing us or sending us in the land of panic and fear. Unfortunately for many people, it is only when the pain of remaining the same becomes greater then the pain of changing that they take action. The economic mess WE have created has forced us to make changes and the question becomes; "how do we approach these changes"? For the timid amongst us, change is always frightening; for the comfortable, change is always threatening, but for the confident amongst us, change is always an opportunity! Every improvement in our lives has come as a result of change; I am not advocating change for the sake of change! Change does not always mean improvement but improvement is always a result of change.

Change starts with me: The real stimulus package will have to come from YOU and ME. There is a saying in the Africa that goes; "the height, size and strength of a baobab tree is in its roots". The best form of change is bottom up! We must think back and answer John F. Kennedy's challenge; a challenge echoed all over the world that said: "Ask not what your country can do for you. Ask what you can do for your country." This TEMPORARY economic crisis has no bearing on our potential for greatness, if anything; it may have just awakened the Giant that sleeps inside all of us! A champion attitude is recession proof!

Recap - Last Event:

EMR - Electronic Medical Records – Tax benefits: MBA Medical, Allscripts, and Lifelong College Savings presented on the potential tax benefits of converting to an EMR system. For the powerpoint presentation created by Allscripts, feel free to click here.

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