Imagine starting off your New Years with a resolution to lose weight. You sit down with a trainer, and he mentions that you need to focus on doing crunches 1 hr/day. Does that sound like a great plan?

Our team has discovered that impractical strategies are common amongst the financial industry. Insurance representatives focus on utilizing many insurance products to meet a clients goals; CPAs focus on minimizing taxes; Mortgage specialist focus on qualifying an individual/couple for a mortgage;

Investment advisors use investment products as an answer to many retirement needs. Thus, our team takes a holistic approach by integrating the different financial segments into creating a comprehensive financial plan. We call this an open architecture and have successfully offered financial management services in Oregon, United States. By doing so, our team will strive to meet each of our clients' current and future needs.

At Lifelong Wealth Management our mission is to provide our clients with a colorful, painted canvas of their goals and dreams. We create this work of art by thoroughly understanding their personal needs; their comfort level; as well as determining the correct savings disciplines, mortgage, and investment vehicles necessary to make their picture a masterpiece. When appropriate we make use of the expertise of attorneys and CPAs to be sure the work of art is enjoyed for generations. We offer trustworthy and affordable financial Management Services in Lake Oswego, USA.

To learn more about our financial approach, please contact us via email or call us at (503) 747-6534.