I’ve never worked with a financial planner/ wealth manager before, what can I expect?

There are different processes and philosophies that every manager/planner have. Ultimately, your expectations should be a sound financial strategy that would fit within your comfort and discipline. Not everyone saves or spends the same way. The advisor/planner needs to identify what your particular needs are and create a holistic plan that meets those goals.

What is a financial planner or advisor?

A financial planner and advisor is an individual that helps navigate you through the choppy waters of finances. Not all advisors are the same. You do need to find one that you can trust. More importantly, you need to find one that is aligned with your goals, needs, and vision. It is their job to get you to that place

How do I get started?

With any big decision, there needs to be a discovery phase. I.e. meeting to talk about what are your needs, risks, and tolerance. More importantly, to discuss what you are looking to achieve.

When is a good time to start working with a financial advisor?

There are no age requirements to start with a financial advisor. The laws of compound growth dictate that the earlier you start, the more likely you can see a respectable return.

How do I become a client?

Schedule an appointment.
A mutual respect and understanding between an advisor and client has to be established. Just like any relationships, there are just some people that do not work well together. Once you find an acceptable relationship, then the client onboarding begins.

How can I get my company involved with your services?

Speak with your employer or HR group. Ask them if they would be interested in a free presentation to discuss opportunities that might help further employee satisfaction. More importantly, to find how they can maximize returns and minimize expenses on their current 401k plan.